SXSW: Left to the last minute

Paul Boag

Help! I am disorganised and have failed to promote my SXSW panels at all. I need your vote.

OK. A lesson in self promotion. Never take vacation when SXSW are launching their panel picker. If you do then you will fail to promote your panels and nobody will vote for you. If nobody votes, you don’t get to speak.

I have suddenly realised that votes for SXSW have to be in before the 4th September and I have totally forgotten to mention it. That means a lot of speakers have a head start on me. I would therefore really appreciate your vote for my two panels whether you are attending SXSW or not!

Pain Free Design: Getting Client Sign Off

Getting design approval can be like pulling teeth. Clients seem to make irrational decisions based on personal opinion. They ignore our expertise, reducing us to pixel pushers. However, it does not need to be this way. With good communication and a sound methodology, design sign off can be pain free.

Please vote for Pain Free Design Now!

Boagworld Live: Open Mic

The award winning web design podcast is once again returning to SXSW. This year’s live recording will be an open mic session, where you the audience pick the questions to ask our panel of regular show contributors and expert guests. The show will also be streamed live on the interweb!

Please vote for Boagworld Live Now!

Remember: I also fully endorse any dirty tricks campaigns you can come up with for more votes*

*This is a joke don’t do it! (at least that is my official position on the subject)