Taking a break

Paul Boag

With a book to finish and Christmas descending, the Boagworld blog and podcast is shutting its doors for a few weeks.

Because I have to finish my upcoming book, Digital Adaptation, I am going to take a longer Christmas break from blogging and podcasting than normal.

This will be my last official post before Christmas. I will start blogging again on the 6th January.

The podcast is also done for the year with the exception of a Christmas special coming out on the 20th December. This show will feature Andy Clarke from Unfinished Business and Sarah Parmenter from Happy Monday.

The Boagworld Show will return with a new season on January 10th where we will be discussing questions around my upcoming book. You can join the discussion about our first two subjects below…

Top Ten Posts

If the thought of life without Boagworld is just too much to bear then check out the top ten most shared posts from the archive.

Hopefully that lot will keep you busy! In the meantime, have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

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