The BBC embraces web standards

Paul Boag

It was a pleasant surprise yesterday to find the BBC technology site not only promoting Firefox but also Web Standards.

In an article on the BBC site, a web site testing company called SciVisum highlighted the need to ensure browser compatibility using Web Standards.

Research carried out by SciVisum demonstrated that despite Firefox holding 8% of the browser market, 1 in 10 UK websites fail to work properly with it.

Among the major culprits was the Odeon site that has already received strong criticism for poor accessibility.

Although this article failed to reveal anything particularly earth shattering it was still encouraging to see the BBC introducing the issue of Web Standards and compatibility to a mainstream audience.

The article would be ideal for backing up your case when presenting the idea of accessible web sites to your boss. The sad truth is that he is more likely to believe the BBC than he is you!

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