The Plan for the 100th show

Paul Boag

For those of you considering attention the recording of the 100th boagworld show, here are some details.

We are going to be meeting at…

Ye Olde Cock Tavern
22 Fleet Street
London, England EC4Y 1AA (Map)

Saturday 20th October: 6pm till late

Not sure exactly what time we are going to record the show but we will be there as from 6pm setting up and writing the script! So if you fancy helping us write it then turn up early :) I will even find a prize if you are the poor sod who arrives first!

We are going to have the following segments, so if you are thinking of coming early to suggest ideas then mull these over…

  • News – This will be the top 4 news stories that have most effected web design since the shows launch in August 2005
  • Marcus – Most unreasonable client
  • Paul – The worst web design mistakes of all time
  • Ask the expert – Ask Paul and Marcus any question you want whether it is related to web design or not

Of course I am sure people will chip in as we are recording too :)

As I have already said we are putting a sizable chunk of cash behind the bar so there should be no shortage of free drink and maybe even some food.

It should be a nice friendly relaxed affair. The idea is to get as many people involved in the show together and kind of make it together if possible.

If you haven’t already we would appreciate it if you add your name to upcoming. Not compulsory but useful to know.