The podcast is going weekly

Do you miss the classic podcast? Do you want more podcasting content from us? If so you are in luck!

As you may know we recently finished the third season of the Boagworld Podcast. Probably our most successful season yet “Client Centric Web Design” is obviously a popular subject.

However, we are aware that many of you miss the regularity of the classic show, which went out once a week (almost) without fail. That is why we have decided to return to the idea of a continuous weekly show.

The show will still be split into seasons, but each season will run almost back to back (with possibly a week or two break between them) and be released every week.

There will be four seasons a year (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer) with each season covering a different topic.

The next season will start in September and will cover “terrific tools and awesome apps”.

Terrific tools and awesome apps

We thought we would get you guys involved in the next season and so decided to crowdsource the show (not that we are lazy or anything)!

The idea is that you can submit tools or apps that make your job easier and we will feature the best on the show (based on your votes). The rest will be available on the website for you to explore and comment on.

We figured that would make a great season because there are so many wonderful apps and tools, but it is incredibly easy to miss them. By pooling our collective knowledge we hope to bring together the best of the bunch for everybody to enjoy.

What do you think? Does this sound like a good plan? Do you like the idea of a weekly show? Let me know in the comments.

  • Awesome news! I’ve been a listener for years and, although the latest
    seasons have been great contentwise, I admit I miss the classic format
    with the weekly Boag booster shot. Can’t wait for the new season! Cheers and bonjour from Quebec, Canada!

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

  • Thanks guys. Spread the news :)

  • Ross Woodhurst

    Yep, good work Paul.

  • Great news, I miss the weekly show! Thanks guys.

  • Great news Paul and Marcus. I guess Marcus is not please due to the amount of jokes he now has to source!

  • Philipp Kruft

    Terrific! I won’t miss a single show!

  • I was always a big follower of the old show, and although i still enjoyed the new format there was the problem that if you missed a week it felt hard to catch up – and that you couldn’t just jump back in again half-way through a series, without setting aside the time to fit in show’s that you’d missed.

    As a result I caught about half the first series, and episode 1 of series 2 – whereas with the old show I’d tune in most weeks, and if i missed one it didn’t feel like the end of the world.

    Anyways, glad to see the weekly coming back.

  • Looking forward to once again getting my weekly fix of web design news + British humour up in chilly Finland. Good job!

  • The original format was certainly more entertaining I thought. While the more formal style of seasons dedicated to a particular theme were great, it did feel more like hard work! Which is a good thing but I can always refer to the published books you make. So looking forward to tuning in to the new weekly, grabbing a beer and laughing at the wonderful offbeat small talk (which really makes the show) ;-)