Web advice as quick audio tips

Paul Boag

Find the podcast too long? Would you prefer short audio tips of web advice? Then, I have something you’ll love.

A quick piece of housekeeping.

As you may know I record regular short audio tips for those of you who like your web advice in bite sized chunks.

In the past these have been released via Audioboo and have not been particularly well integrated into the site.

More recently I have started to record these in batches and then release them on a schedule via boagworld.com.

The downside of this approach is that those of you subscribed to these via iTunes or Audioboo, get the tips as soon as they are posted to Audioboo rather than on a schedule.

If you wish to receive these tips with their associated blog post (which often provides additional information) then I would recommend deleting your current subscription and instead using the links below.

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