Utilizing The Power Of Recycling In Web Design

Paul Boag

Whether you are a designer, developer or website owner you can save time and money by recycling the existing outputs of your job.

If I’m honest I’m a lazy guy. If I had my way I would spend most of my life sitting around doing very little. Unfortunately our clients seem unwilling to pay us money for doing nothing. Personally I think this is just downright rude! ;)

If I cannot sit around doing nothing then the next best thing is to work efficiently, so getting the most done with the least effort.

I like to think I have become pretty good at this. This led me to write my latest post for Smashing Magazine on the concept of recycling.

In this post I outline a variety of ways that everybody can recycle various outputs from their job, reusing them again in order to extract more value from them.

I make recommendations for everybody whether a website owner, designer or developer. I cover everything from recycling the content of your website to using code libraries and even old arguments!

If you are interested in working in a more efficient manner, so saving yourself both time and money, then this is a post worth checking out.

Save time and make money by recycling