Make your website go viral

Sometimes even a small design technique is enough to make your website go viral.

Recently I keep hearing about this Firefox Plugin. Not because it is an amazing plugin. The reason everybody is talking about it is because the website for the plugin uses some gorgeous CSS and Javascript.

This demonstrates perfectly the point I was making in ‘3 Ways To Make Your Site Stand Out From The Crowd.’

View the Firefox Plugin

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  • I really like the scrolling effect and the fading in of the footer too. But, seriously, have you looked at the code? I wanted to puke after doing just that.

    • I hate to be that guy, but I agree…

  • That is a really nice effect. I’ve bookmarked it in my brain for future experiments :P

    A side point: bit of a shock when I viewed source! Thinking outside the box from inside the box :)

  • Tom Davies

    Nice look though it’s a shame that the implementation is such a layout-table-laden non-semantic soup has another similar (even better looking imho) alpha-png bg/scroll trick which also looks v cool.

    I take your broader point about exceptional design / standing out though – just think it’s a shame it’s not implemented more elegantly…

  • Really nice effect, not seen that before. I can’t believe that someone that talented is still building sites with tables!

  • addim

    Newsflash: nobody but web nerds cares even a tiny little bit about whether they use tables or CSS for their layout.