Website Owners Manual is out on friday! Free Consultancy Clinic to celebrate

Paul Boag

Friday the 20th November sees the launch of the Website Owners Manual. I am more excited than a hyperactive two year old. To celebrate the publication of my first (and last) ever book, I am going to give away free consultancy clinics to all comers.

I could pretend to be all cool and matter of fact about the launch of the Website Owners Manual. However, that would be a lie. I am stupidly excited and I want to run down the street shouting about the fact that I have written a book.

Of course, were I to do so I think I would probably get strange looks so I have decided on a more reserved approach.

To celebrate the launch of the Website Owners Manual this Friday, I will be holding an open consultancy clinic from 3PM-5.30PM (UK time).

The format will be as follows:

  • I will post a link here to the chat room on Friday
  • You login to the chat room via twitter
  • If you have a mic or webcam you can request a consultancy clinic
  • If you do not (or do not wish to participate) you can watch as other people have their sites reviewed
  • Those chosen for a clinic will post their website address to the room and we will discuss it with you on camera.

We will get through as many websites as possible so hopefully everybody will get a turn.

The idea is that we apply the principles included in the Website Owners Manual to help you improve your website.

More information on the Website Owners Manual

More information on Consultancy Clinics