Freeagent or Freshbooks? A freelancers view.

Dan Edwards

Freelancers: what invoicing service or software do you use? @FreshBooks, @Harvest, etc.?

To give you some context I feel I should probably let you know that I’m primarily a freelance designer, however I do also trade under an agency name too. My work day consists of managing client projects that involves both design and development and also doing freelance for various companies around the world.

I started freelancing around 4 years ago, I was looking for a better way to send invoices than creating every one in inDesign and trying to keep up who I’d invoiced, when the payment was due, hassling them if it was late and managing all of this for my year end tax return. It really didn’t work and was in no way future proof.

I did a quick web search and found a service called Freshbooks, it looked great! I could now create clients, send invoices out including a link to their account summary and automatically send late invoice reminders. And all this for just $29.99 – Brilliant!

Watch this 3 minute introduction to Freshbooks.

However, this year I was feeling like I had gone back 4 years, still having to do account management including reconciling bank statements, an ongoing profit and loss and self assessment income tax.

I noticed lots of people talking about Freeagent, after a quick look it became obvious that it was able to provide all the functionality Freshbooks offered me, plus loads of extra stuff that I was doing manually.

Freeagent website
Unfortunately Freeagent wouldn’t allow me to embed their video so you will have to visit their website. A cunning ploy I suspect!

I signed up the next day for a free trial and found a 10% referral link, which automatically brought my monthly bill down to less than £14 + VAT – awesome! Plus there was the added bonus of being able to refer more people for even more discount, refer enough people and you’ll get it for free!

Create and manage clientsYes (unlimited)Yes (unlimited at higher price point)
Create estimates and invoicesYesYes
Online paymentsPaypal and GoCardlessPaypal
Custom invoice templatesYes, full controlYes, limited flexibility
iPhone and iPad AppYes, although limitedYes
Track expensesYesYes
Reconcile bank statementsYes, some banks automaticallyNo
Self assessment income taxYesNo
Year and monthly profit and lossYesNo
VAT and submissionsYesNo
PAYE and National InsuranceYesNo
Time trackingYesYes
Referral schemeYesNo
Prices£15 Sole Trader / £20 Partner or LLP / £25 LTD*$0 – $39.95 (most popular is $29.95)
Freshbooks and Freeagent compared.

*excluding VAT

My personal recommendation would be Freeagent, not only do you get everything you need to take the stress out of invoicing and tracking payments, but you also have the added bonuses of tax and VAT services and an awesome referral scheme.

If you’d like to sign up today and you’ll get a 30 day free trial and 10% off for life – use code 41wt7tkb or follow this link.