atMedia Keynote: Eric Meyer

Keynotes are never my favourite part of a conference. However, today’s presentation by Eric Meyer touched on an issue particularly close to my heart.

At the most superficial level Eric’s presentation was an overview of the development of CSS over the last decade. However the underlying message was very much the importance of sharing within the web design community.

It’s surprising how often people within the web design community write to me asking why I share so much of what I have learnt in this blog and podcast. They seem to think I am throwing away my competitive advantage by putting this information into the public domain. After all Headscape’s competitors may well be reading this blog.

I guess in one sense they are correct, however as Eric pointed out, the web community wouldn’t have advanced to the point it is at today if people hadn’t been willing to share their discoveries. Where would standards development be with Tantek’s box model hack for example?

Now obviously my contribution isn’t as significant as those of people like Eric Meyer and Tantek. However, I have learnt so much from the web design community so surely I have an obligation to give back to it.

  • Eric

    Any word on whether or not they will be podcasting any if the speeches from @media?

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed the keynote, Paul, and thank you for sharing everything that you do. Obviously, I think it’s the right thing to do, and I have to say that everything I’ve shared over the years has been a net benefit to me. Whatever “advantage” I might have given away– and I don’t really think I have, but let’s assume I did– was more than balanced by the information I’ve learned from others and the opportunities that opened to me because of all I shared.
    (And it’s “Meyer”. I paid extra to have the “s” removed, ya know!)

  • Apologise Eric. That’s what comes from trying to post in a hurry.

  • Michael

    To reiterate Eric’s question… Are there any podcasts of speakers from @media 2006? I’ve been looking, but not finding.
    Thanks for everything you two do, by the way. Your podcasts are the entertainment highlight of my week.

  • Michael

    Hey, I found the podcasts from @media 2006,
    Check out.