Blatant copying

Shhh… Don’t tell them that we are watching. Let’s see how long it takes them to notice that we know they have ripped us off.

Update: Not bad going! This post went live at 1:30pm and by 9:30pm the offending page has been removed. However I wouldnt want you guys to miss out on their master piece so here is a screen grab for old times sake :)

Twice now Headscape copy has been stolen from our website and been used elsewhere. However, this time really takes the biscuit. They have been so lazy that they have not even managed to change Headscape to their own company name.

Read the original copy on the Headscape website

Now compare it with the copy on this site

Please note we are in no way associated with ET-NetStudio. They have just lifted out text wholesale.

What is it with us designers! We really do not like writing copy. Even more reason for you all to listen to next week’s podcast on writing for the web.

But, remember, don’t tell them that we are on to them. Let us see how long it takes them to notice.