Blatant copying

Shhh… Don’t tell them that we are watching. Let’s see how long it takes them to notice that we know they have ripped us off.

Update: Not bad going! This post went live at 1:30pm and by 9:30pm the offending page has been removed. However I wouldnt want you guys to miss out on their master piece so here is a screen grab for old times sake :)

Twice now Headscape copy has been stolen from our website and been used elsewhere. However, this time really takes the biscuit. They have been so lazy that they have not even managed to change Headscape to their own company name.

Read the original copy on the Headscape website

Now compare it with the copy on this site

Please note we are in no way associated with ET-NetStudio. They have just lifted out text wholesale.

What is it with us designers! We really do not like writing copy. Even more reason for you all to listen to next week’s podcast on writing for the web.

But, remember, don’t tell them that we are on to them. Let us see how long it takes them to notice.

  • Luke

    hope you’ve got a screengrab Paul for when they do change it! ;-)

  • Chris “Praying Mantis”

    HAHAHA!! Those lazy scum wonder how long it will take them to notice it?

  • Chris “Praying Mantis”

    HAHAHA!! Those lazy scum wonder how long it will take them to notice it?

  • Chris “Praying Mantis”

    HAHAHA!! Those lazy scum wonder how long it will take them to notice it?

  • Shame they didn’t copy your design as well ;)

  • Craig Clark

    Hopefully ET-NetStudio has many rich clients who will read the copy and make the logical switch to Headscape. Let us know when it happens.

  • Ruth

    OK, that’s just funny! Not changing the company name, how dumb is that?

  • The unfortunate side effect of this all-to-common act of stealing copy is that users subconsciouly become very skeptical of all this “marketing fluff”.
    Honestly, when you visit a new company, do you ever read their self-praising “About Us” pages? Does anyone? Whether or not it was copied from some other site or not, I can’t help but think in the back of my head “they’re just saying this because it sounds good and they want to look impressive.”

  • Ed

    and they could only get their code to validate to XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

  • Brilliant. Public shaming is wonderful. Look forward to next weeks cast.
    As for the ‘About Us’ section, I think it is still dependent on who is checking out your site. If it is atechnically minded person they may skip over to the portfolio, but a small business owner looking to create a relationship with your firm may indeed wade through the ‘About Us’ section. Not that I am one to talk at the moment as my copy is currently crap in need of revision… Maybe I need to go through the Headscape site myself.

  • Disgusting. I hate when site admins are too lazy to write their own content. Reminds me of the numerous times my personal about page is lifted for others use. I guess the ones that copied my content put a little more effort by swapping my name with their own.

  • Well, if you’re gonna steal, why not steal from the best :).

  • You too bad the word ‘headscape’ wasn’t linked. :)

  • Craig

    Should we now be checking the ET-NetStudio website to see if there are any openings in the copywriting department?

  • Josh

    It’s not only the copy, the layout looks pretty much inspired by

  • That’s a very generic look. Very kubric looking.

  • Lol. I could not believe it when I found this article. I mean sure copying it to get an idea of what to right as a part of research etc is ok but a blatant copy such as that is well…..
    To be honest Hard to believe!!! I mean didn’t they read the text they place or even at least see that the company name was still in it? I mean I’ve been making websites professional for only a year and I never though I would see this happen. I mean taking elements from a design and text to help make a site is ok as long as its only used as a starting point and is changed.
    For example I liked the design of this version of as in the layout and on my site I have taken elements such as the navigation on the right side and content on the left and found it worked well with the design of my site.
    But this a blatant copy is a bit hard to believe. Whats more to the point its obvious that they are a regular visitor to boagworld and headscape and maybe even your podcasts paul so it taking 8 hours to change is well maybe a bit slow surely. lol.
    But anyway a well spotted and cleverly spread information on boagworld my applause to you paul im truely impressed

  • Greg

    Lazy bums….what’s more is their current version of the site sports W3C valid CSS logo, but a check validation test shows that ther are not CSS or even XHMTL 1.0 transitional compliant.
    It seems if this badge is to garner any respect those displaying it need to comply with the standards….so fix your code et-netstudio or remove your false claim to proper code.