Can you digg it, yes you can

Paul Boag

Everyday I come across lots of articles relating to web design that are fair superior to anything I write here. Well thanks to a new web application, I have discovered I can now share them with you. is a wonderfully simple idea beautifully implemented. It allows anybody to submit a link to any technology related story on the web and share it with other members. This in itself would have been enough to make me sign up but when I also discovered I could provide an RSS feed of my links as well as post them on my own site, I was hooked.

You will notice that on the boagworld homepage there is a new section called "articles I found interesting". This is being pulled from my personal list of articles at the website. These will no doubt update far more often than by blog so be sure to subscribe to the associated articles RSS feed. If you still are not using RSS then now is the time to adopt it. You can find out more by reading my article on RSS.

Finally remember to add me as a friend if you sign up for yourself. My username is boagworld.