Managing your social networks with Hootsuite

Managing multiple social networks in a corporate environment with more than one contributor can be challenging. Fortunately Hootsuite can help.

There was a time when all we needed to worry about was our website. Now we have cater for users on numerous social networks and monitor what people are saying about our brands online. Constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks can be incredibly time-consuming. That is where HootSuite comes in.

But what about you? What tools have you been using to manage social networks for your business? Perhaps there is something better than HootSuite. Let me know in the comments below.

  • Really good post mate, I liked this. Various people in the marketing team were listening and making comments now and then too :)

    A bit weird though when I saw my picture on your Facebook page :P Don’t worry about replying to the comment, in fact I would dismiss about 97% of most things I say.

    Thanks for the insight Paul.

  • This will surely help as I have so many friends on my facebook, twitter and other social networking accounts. This is a usefull one.

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  • Hey Paul,

    This is a great
    walkthrough of Hootsuite—a resource I’ve long wondered

    You also make a great point about the
    need to be mindful of more than just the state of your
    organization’s website. Apps like these help to save time for small
    business owners while still renforcing their brands.

    Thanks again, +Ralston

  • It is a web site advertising tool of the future?

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