'Information is Beautiful' – 2 minute book review

Leigh Howells

I’m great at buying books, but even better at never reading them. So I recently bought ‘Information is Beautiful‘ by David McCandless, a lovely picture book which I’m great with. I love it. It’s a hardback (better for beating things with).  It’s thick.  It has a lot of pages (256).  It was quite cheap (£11 or so on Amazon).  Oh, and It’s full of lovely, delicious, infographics (I haven’t counted them, but lots).

I love infographics (and picture books) because I’m not a huge fan of words. Infographics are so efficient and more memorable than endless pages of wordy descriptions and dull tables of data. Dave McCandless is a visual master, and this book contains some great work covering a wide range or interesting and amusing topics.  It’s a great one-stop reference and excellent source of inspiration if you have a meaningful visual to create.