iPad review and the impact on web design

Are you thinking about buying an iPad? Are you wondering if your website will look good on one? If so this is the review for you.

With the release of the iPad in the UK less than I month away I thought it was time for me to share my experiences of using the device. I was fortunate enough to get one from the states and have been using it for several weeks. In this video I share my opinions on the device, explain how I actually have ended up using it and look at how it will affect the way we build websites.

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3G or Wifi?

How could I forget! In my first video I forgot to answer the most important question of all. Should you get wifi or 3G? Here are my thoughts…

Download my compassion between 3G and Wifi iPad

  • The fact that you mentioned the argument between adobe and apple being irrelevant made this video worth watching!

  • Thanks for the review Paul.

    I’ve been trying to decide if I should buy an iPad and this has convinced me to go for it.

    Out of interest, which model did you go for?

    I’m thinking of going for the WiFi only model (32GB) and use it in combination with 3’s MiFi (which I can also use with my MacBook).

    • I bought the 64gb. Initially I regretted it thinking it is OTT. However, now I watch so many movies and TV programmes on it I have managed to fill it up.

      That said 32GB would be fine especially when combined with an app like Air Video that allows you to stream your movies over the network to your iPad.

  • Paul thanks a useful review.
    I know you have a MiFi device it would be great if you could give us an idea of how good this is, coverage, does it work well with the iPad

    • Thanks Scott. Good question. I have posted a second video addressing this issue. Hope it helps.

  • Yeah, good thing you added the 2nd video because I know there are a ton of people that don’t know you can get that good of a connection with a MiFi like device almost anywhere.

    US: Sprint offers the Overdrive which taps into their 3g/4g networks across the country. You have to buy the device + a service package ($60/month unlimited?).

    • I love my Mifi. So glad I found out about it. Its absolutely awesome.

  • Wow, I just love the web.

    I have been coding for about 30 years, in the early years the only way to stay informed was via CompuServe on a a slow dial-up modem, and it sometimes took days to get response.

    Now its like we are all in one big office, and help and advice is just next door.

    Thanks for all you are doing to make us a family.


    • I agree Scott. It amazes me too! Hell when I was at Uni we didn’t even have mobile phones let alone internet enabled futuristic pad things! lol.

      Thanks for referring to us as a family btw. That is always my aim with Boagworld and whenever I think about it that is the word I have in my head. Its nice to hear somebody else actually say it.

    • Nice review. Really looking forward to one myself.

      The mifi got me thinking aswell. If I get the iPhone I might aswell not take a 3g version because i could simply connect to wifi with the “mifi” device. Am I right? It would really lower the costs.

  • Thanks for the review, Paul, much appreciated. I, like Scott, was interested to hear your thoughts on wifi vs 3G.

    Originally, I had thought “Why would anyone buy the non-3G version? Surely you want internet everywhere!”. But since then, I’ve realised the extra expense and messing around just may not be worth it. Your mifi solution though, I somehow didn’t think of, but seems the perfect choice.

    Thanks again! See you Tuesday at FOWD ;)

    • Looking forward to it. Make sure you say hello :)

    • Also worth noting that the 3G version also comes with built in GPS, whereas the WiFi version does not.

      All you need then is a car mount!

  • Dan

    Couldn’t agree more, Paul. I’m glad you at least acknowledged the negatives with the device, unlike the typical blinkered Applephile.

    I’ve been saying for the last couple of years that web designers and developers need to wake up and realise that the day is fast approaching when the majority of visitors to a given site won’t be using a mouse. I warn people who are having new websites built that having too much stuff that relies on mouse hovers may not be such a good idea and to think more about the touch or click action.

    Tablets are the future of web browsing, at least the near future, so complacence is simply not an option.

    • That is actually one of the things I briefly touch on in my presentation at FOWD on tuesday. If your not coming keep an eye on the blog. I will be releasing a version of the presentation that evening.

    • Dan

      Awesome, I look forward to it.

      I’m building a site at the moment which will use these “mega drop-down menus” that Nielsen seems to love so much but I’m being sure to put extra thought into making sure that the menus can be triggered by a hover or a click/touch.

      On another note; FOWD is for suckers. You need to get yourself to DIBI 2011! ;)

  • Mark

    Great review, thanks Paul. Are you having to work around the UK App Store at the mo until the iPad arrives here? I’m desperate to preorder one but still working on permission from the boss!

    It was weird seeing you in reverse, was your webcam flipped horizontally?

    • Yep the app store is not working on the device at the moment. However you can access applications via iTunes. If you search on an apps name it will be returned.

  • Thanks Paul, the solution in your second video is just great. I have just made my mind which iPad to go for.
    Thanks a lot!

    • If your anything like me you won’t regret it.

  • Just downloading the videos now…

    Excellent typo in the second link, please don’t change it, I like the idea of downloading your compassion over the Internet.

    • JD

      Paul, is the 3 Mobile Mi-Fi locked to that network?

      I have a T-mobile usb broadband dongle and am wondering if that sim card would work in the branded version of the Mi-Fi.

  • matthijs

    Great review, very useful. Thanks.

    FYI: the video’s don’t show up in my browser (Firefox 3.6.3 on OS X). I had to open up Safari to watch them. Am I the only one?

  • sebastian green

    Great videos.

    Is it kinda sad that I am already think about how websites will act different on the iPad to a normal machine? My first prediction is drop down menus will be an issue. How will the iPad handle such things as hovering with a mouse.

    I predict some very interesting blog articles.

    Thanks again for the great review.