My Grand Mac Tour

This has nothing to do with web design but if you are a mac user you might find the way I use my mac interesting.

I am a productivity nut. It’s an obsession really. As a result I have all kinds of little apps and tricks I use to streamline my working life. In this video I show you a few and hopefully introduce you to some applications you have never used before.

Some of the applications mentioned include…

  • Loved this grand tour! It’s really useful for recent mac converts to see all the nice tips and tricks of experienced users.

  • Oh thanks! I am a productive freak too!!

  • Simon

    As a bonus we also get Marcus’s phone numbers! Might want to remove those!

  • Helpfull, Helpfull, Helpfull.

    Some great apps in there that I really love to try out.
    Launchbar looks the most interesting as I’m currently using Quicksilver.
    Also like Quix.

    Thanks a lot Paul

  • What a great demonstration. Finding these little gems is quite difficult (perhaps because I come from a PC background) so this type of information is really useful to me.

    I like Expandrive but I’m going to look at using MacFuse to achieve the same.

  • Thanks Paul, as a weekday Windows user I really struggle with productivity on my mac. This is helpful.

  • Matt Hawkshaw

    Really great and useful video but I think I was most impressed by the format you used. I’m surprised more app tutorial videos aren’t presented this way. Having the presenter on screen really helps engage with the audience and gives a more natural feel. After all, who uses an application full screen these days?

    Maybe I’ve just missed a trend but I may pinch this idea for some of my own video soon!

  • Graham

    The video isnt loading for me :-(

  • Nice demo, going to try some of those add-ons this eve!

  • Very useful! Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing Paul.

    I’m already using Dropbox and a big fan, but I will certainly be trying out some of the other apps.

    Using rules to colour different email accounts in Mail is so simple, but such a great idea – I’m going to do that now.

  • GordonBennett

    Hey Paul.

    I’ve already added some of these apps from watching your other posts. I’m really enjoying Launchbar and Omnifocus.

    I just wanted to give my vote for SizeUP by Irradiated Software. A really handy tool that resizes your app windows using keyboard shortcuts.

    Hope your having an equally nerdy Sunday.


  • I watched your screencast on Omnifocus here I have one question. How do you get the ‘next’ button on the toolbar?

    Also watched your video on the Bible. It took me back to when I used to do youth work – quite a brave man :-)

  • Delibar is on there twice.

    Good video, Droplr looks awesome. :D

  • Nice video Paul. I did a post like this a few days before… not quite as focused on productivity (

    I love Dropbox… when they beef up the plans and make it essentially Time Machine in the cloud I won’t need another backup service!

  • Sebastian Green

    great little vid, Delibar is an app with functionality i have wanted for ages! and chich is pretty cool as well.

  • Your video refuses to load in Chrome.

  • You could’ve done plain-text copying from inside Textedit, just press Ctrl+Shift+T to convert the doc :o)

  • Oh my gosh…so much good stuff here!!! I have a page full of apps I need to check out now. Thanks for sharing your productivity secrets.

  • i don’t recall seeing a TIME MACHINE icon on here? What is your take on TM, do you use it?

  • Shane

    Great video Paul. Out of interest where did you find that wallpaper ?

  • Very helpful demo. Thanks! I am using Tweetie for my iPhone.