Make posting images to your blog a breeze

Paul Boag

Adding imagery to a blog post helps retain user attention for longer and Skitch is simply the best tool for doing so quickly.

There are a few programs that I use so often and with such ease that it is almost possible to forget you use them at all. Skitch is one example of that.

Skitch is a screen grab tool that allows me to quickly and easily add images to my blog posts. Its also ideal for website owners looking to add imagery to their website with minimal effort. Finally, it can be used to quickly share images with friends and colleagues via the Skitch website. The basic version is free so if you are a mac user then there is absolutely no reason not to get it.

There are loads of tools that do this kind of thing but Skitch stands head and shoulders above the rest for the following reasons…

You can grab easily

Skitch offers a wealth of ways to grab imagery. You can capture…

  • The whole screen.
  • A single window.
  • An image from your webcam.
  • A selected area.
  • An entire web page.

It also allows you to control when the capture is taken using a timer and whether things like window shadows and cursors are captured too.


You can also drag and drop images from your computer straight into Skitch ready to be annotated.

You can annotate quickly

Skitch offers a some basic annotation tools. Although these are not as visually appealing or wide ranging as those offered by something like Little Snapper, they still do the job.

Screen capture from

Admittedly in many ways Little Snapper is a better screen capture application. However the thing that gives Skitch the advantage is its ability to easily resize images.

It makes resizing instant

As a blogger or website owner it is important that images can be easily resized to fit your website. Skitch offers a couple of ways to achieve this. First it allows you to simply resize the image by dragging the corners to the correct dimensions. Depending on where you drag from you can either resize or crop.

Skitch also allows you to resize by entering a numerical height or width. You can also save specific sizes. This makes resizing for the exact dimensions of your website a single click.

Skitch's resize options

It upload effortlessly

Once you have the image just the way you want it, putting it online couldn’t be easier. Once setup you can upload to either the Skitch website or your own FTP server in a single click.

Image highlighting the share button in Skitch

You can add to your blog seamlessly

Once Skitch has uploaded the image, the upload button changes to a copy button. This allows you to copy either the image url, HTML image tag or code for a forum to your clipboard. From there you can paste into any application including your blogging software or CMS. It will even add an Alt attribute for you.

Image highlighting the copy button in Skitch


Skitch is not perfect. It could do with some better annotation tools such as those contained within Little Snapper. However, it is still far better than any other screen capture tool I have used for either mac or PC. If you are a website owner or blogger then this is a must have.