Nourishment to help the web grow

Paul Boag

It’s not often that I post on a site that has impressed me in this blog. Normally I reserve such things for my “interesting links” feed. However I have just discovered a new site called Think Vitamins and it has really impressed me.

Think Vitamin is a resource for web designers, developers and entrepreneurs. It provides useful articles, audio training, reviews and interviews.

Admittedly there are a lot of other sites out there offering similar things such as A List Apart or Sitepoint. However, what has impressed me so much about Think Vitamin is the quality of the content and contributors.

The line up includes people like Dave Shea, Dan Cederholm, Molly, Eric Meyer and the guys from 37 Signals. However, what really got my attention was the quality of the content. Every article I have read so far has been spot on. The site really does provide sound business, design and development advice to anybody involved in the web.

As a designer I particularly enjoyed "How C.R.A.P. is your site design?" which reminded me of just how important it is to get the basics of good design right. Of course they also have great articles and training on other subjects too so be sure to check them out.