Photoshop CS2

If you are a regular Photoshop user or know somebody who is then it is worth taking a look at this tutorial.

Photoshop CS2 has added a number of new features that has the potential to significantly improve the way you work and speeding up your development time. This excellent tutorial addresses just one of these new features but arguably the most important: smart objects.

Even if you consider yourself a Photoshop expert this is definitely worth viewing.

In-Depth CS2 Smart Object Training

  • I was wondering, from a web design point of view on a tight budget, whether or not it is worth upgrading from Photoshop 7 to CS? Anyone have any opinions?

  • Hi Jeff,
    I guess that largely depends on what you use Photoshop for. From a web design perspective it probably isnt worth it. Sure you get a much slicker interface that might speed your work somewhat but there are no major changes that will blow you away.

  • I beg to differ, Paul.
    CS2 actually offers a few more speed improvements. Working on a dual-core Mac (which I do), there is a considerable boost in speed. Not only that, but it’s so shiney and new and secure! :)
    Nice site, by the way. I added it to NNW for future reading and comment.
    – Josh

  • aiman

  • Now there’s Photoshop CS5, it’s even better than the previous versions… the only downside is that even with a good computer (6GB RAM), it tends to slow down you computer a bit if you are using it with other programs opened.