Digital is scary! It’s fast moving and incredibly diverse. Even the most dedicated of digital professional cannot hope to keep up. That is why in season 11 of the podcast we are going to delve into some of those specialist areas that you may have overlooked.

Great subjects

In season 11 of the Boagworld Show we dig deeper into a range of great subjects. Just some of them include:

  • Launching a product
  • Content strategy
  • Icon and logo design
  • Value based pricing
  • Mobile development
  • Advanced CSS
  • Productivity
  • SEO
  • Advanced HTML
  • User centric design
  • Accessibility
  • Typography
  • Brand building
  • HTML email
  • Information architecture
  • Project Management

Expect to push the edges of what you know.

Amazing guests

To take us on this journey of expanding our knowledge, we are joined by an amazing lineup of guests who are experts in their fields. These include:

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