User Experience Design

What do we mean when we talk about user experience? Can you really design the user experience? If you can what actually is a user experience designer?

In this season of the Boagworld Show we explore the many myths surrounding user experience design. We unpack what user experience design really is. By the end of the season we guarantee you will have a much bigger definition. One that stretches from your Photoshop comp all the way to the corporate boardroom.

Topics will include:

  • What is user experience design?
  • Building a business case for user experience design.
  • User experience on the small screen.
  • Running a user experience workshop.
  • Lean UX.
  • User research.
  • Designing for the gaps in the user experience.
  • The best interface is no interface.
  • Employee experience design.
  • User experience as a marketing tool.
  • Organisational wide user experience.

Reaching the new generation of connected audiences doesn’t just happen. Organisations don’t adopt new digital tools without guidance. You need a strategy and that is where I can help.

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