Roundtable Recommendations

The Boagworld Show is back for Season 17 and so is our roundtable. But this season we focus on tangible hints, tips and recommendations to make your working life easier.

Our panel of experts includes:


Sam Barnes:
Senior Development Manager @mandsdigital, co-founder @PathfinderDPM, speaker, writer and digital project management junkie.


Ryan Taylor:
Technical Director at @nodivide, creator of @getastrum & @teamoozled, Author of Version Control with Git ( ). Husband & father.


Andy Clarke:
Art director and website designer in the UK at @stuff_nonsense, host of the @unfinishedbz podcast and author of @gethardboiled.

Plus your regular hosts:


Marcus Lillington:
Headscape partner, co-host of Boagworld podcast, ex-Breathe popster and guitarist with the Showdogs (yes, they're back!)


Paul Boag:
I am a user experience consultant, speaker & author of Digital Adaptation. I help companies meet the needs of digital consumers. For more see @boagworks.

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