Truly Lean UX

Create outstanding user experiences in record time and without breaking the bank.

This free self-learning course teaches you all you need to know to improve the user experience of a website. It does this in a pragmatic way that works within any budget and no matter how tight the timescales.

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Improve the Chance of Project Success

70% of digital projects fail because users don't embrace them. Good UX can change that.

Reduce Development Time and Costs

User research can cut development time by 33% and wasted development effort by 50%.

Increase Your Return on Investment

According to IBM, every $1 they invest in usability testing brings a return of $100.

After this course, you'll...

  • Be able to demonstrate to colleagues and clients the value of UX.
  • Implement UX best practice on projects of any size.
  • Know which UX techniques to adopt in specific circumstances.
  • Keep both your users and stakeholders happy!

This course is for you if...

  • Time and budget stops you implementing UX best practice.
  • You are starting as a user experience designer.
  • You want to understand more about UX design.
  • You struggle to get clients or management to allow you to undertake quality UX work .

What Makes This Course Different?

A Free Audio Course

Unlike most self-learning course, this one is audio-only and free. That means you can learn in the car, the gym or while doing the housework.

Grows Monthly

Each lesson in the course will be released monthly. That gives you time to digest what you learn and implement it before moving on to the next part.

Over 12 Hours of Insights

With 12 lessons, each lasting approximately an hour, you will get an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Optional Side Content

We support each lesson with a detailed blog post explaining the topic. Also, you will have optional homework to complete and access to a short discussion about 'mini side topics'.

This course is free thanks to the support of Balsamiq Wireframing Academy, which offers practical training for creating more usable products.

Your Full Course Curriculum

How to Improve Your Projects With Lean User Research

We all know we should do user research, but making it happen can be hard. This lesson will teach you how to win over colleagues or clients, show you ten ways you can do user research and suggest where you should focus.

What is Success? How To Define Key Performance Indicators

How do you know your site is succeeding or if a redesign was worth it? How can you justify your work to clients or management? You need a way of measuring success.

Why You Need a Value Proposition and How to Create One

To implement Lean UX, you need focus. In particular, you need to understand what precisely the offering is and what value it provides to users. This lesson will help you identify those critical components.

How to Build a User-Centric Information Architecture Without Endless Debate

Creating a site information architecture is a dangerous business. Too often it ends being structured around organisational silos rather than user's mental models. But there is a process that can prevent that from happening.

Why and How to Create Wireframes With Stakeholders

The low fidelity wireframe stage is where you will make a lot of critical decisions about the direction of a project. In this lesson, we explore how you can make faster and better decisions by involving stakeholders in that process.

Prototyping: Why Bother and Where to Start? A Definitive Introduction

Prototyping is a crucial tool in the development of websites and other digital services. In this lesson, we explore its potential and discover tips and techniques for getting the most from it.

How to Create High-Quality Design, Fast

Clients and management rarely give designers enough time to go from prototype to final design, and so quality is often compromised. In this lesson, we will explore ways to turn around designs quickly, without compromising the experience.

How to Get Design Sign Off Without the Hassle

Those designing websites can waste hours attempting to get approval from stakeholders for a design approach. Endless iterations are time consuming and expensive, which is why we explore alternative methods in this lesson.

Discover The Best Ways to Test a Prototype

When most of us think of testing a prototype, we are thinking of time-consuming and expensive usability testing. However, that is not your only option as we explore in this lesson.

How to Run Usability Testing Yourself

Running your first usability testing session can feel intimidating, and many are put off of trying. However, it isn't difficult. In this lesson, we take you step-by-step through the process in a way that is inexpensive to run.

Discover Where Your Site Is Failing to Reach Its Potential

Once a website launches, your UX work is not done. In fact, it has only just begun. In this lesson, we explore how to identify shortcomings in the user experience so that you can address them.

How to Optimising a Page for Conversion

In this final lesson, we look at ways to fix user experience issues with an existing site. That will involve an introduction to A/B testing and several alternative approaches for lower trafficked websites.

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