We think everybody should have access to the boagworld show, even if they have less than perfect hearing.

I passionately believe that the web should be accessible to all know matter what technology, connection or disability somebody has. That means website should be built using best practice (such as progressive enhancement and responsive design) while also being as accessible as possible.

We have started offering complete transcriptions of the podcast

No website can be truly accessible, but as website owners it is our responsibility to constantly improve on the accessibility we offer.

Although I have always endeavoured to make boagworld an accessible website, I recognise that it is far from perfect.

One particular problem is the content offered through the podcast. Although I provide a blog post associated with each show, that does not mean I could not do more.

It is for this reason that as from season 2 we have started offering complete transcriptions of the show. Although in most cases the associated blog post is easier to read, if you wish to access a transcription you will find a link to it at the bottom of each show’s blog post.

Image of the transcript link
Click on this box to access the transcription for a show.

Hopefully that will help you enjoy the show more, but if you have any additional suggestions please feel free to drop me an e-mail.