Better ways to work with clients video

A number of people have complained they cannot make my upcoming seminar so I have a recorded a video you can watch instead.

On the 19th August I am holding an online seminar entitled “40 better ways to work with clients“. I describe the seminar as follows…

We all suffer from problem clients. However, sometimes the problem is not with the client but our ability to work with them. In this presentation Paul will share 40 practical tips on how to improve how you work with clients.

Unfortunately a number of people have told me they will be unable to attend due to time differences. With that in mind I have recorded a video of the presentation for those who cannot make the live event.

Below is a trailer so you can see what the presentation is like.



You can download the video and an accompanying PDF for only £6.25 using the link below. If you have already signed up for the seminar do not worry, you will get this package after the seminar at no additional cost.

Buy the presentation for only £6.25

Please note the video is a .mov file so you will need the Quicktime Player installed.

  • This is perfect! Just what I was hoping for – buying the video now and looking forward to watching it later!

    • Just remember to post a review here in the comments if you enjoyed it!

  • Niubi

    Great article! DubLi also has some pretty cool videos over on YouTube, you should check them out.

  • Paul, is the entire video available now, before the seminar?

    • Yes. I have prerecorded the entire thing.

  • Looking forward to watching this after I’ve completed a few items on the to do list. The 8 minute trailer was mint.

    Out of interest, which mic are you using Paul?

    • Watched the video. It’s great! Super useful. I struggle with the usual client handling problems and I’m always looking for ways to make the process better.

      It’s nice to finally see someone take a different and more positive view of clients rather than all the usual stuff you read about clients being the problem in the relationship.

      Lots of positive ideas for dealing with clients and ultimately making you a happy web designer. Loved it.

  • Well worth watching.

    I’m a web designer with 12 years experience, who’s run 2 web agencies and I still got something out of it.

    Very sensible and entertaining as ever from Paul.

    Emma, I think I remember Paul saying he uses a Samson C01U.

  • While I’m an inhouse designer (and therefore not quite the target of this seminar), there was quite a bit I was able to glean from it even in relation to the head of my department and inter-department projects. As Paul said himself, not rocket-science, but much more giving great consideration to our clients and others with whom we regularly work. Communication, empathy, honesty, and project management are all key. Wonderful stuff, truly.