40 better ways to work with clients

We all suffer from problem clients. However, sometimes the problem is not with the client but our ability to work with them.

So many web designers hate working with clients. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Its not always the client that is a problem, but rather our own ability to work with them successfully.

To combat this problem I have released a presentation containing 40 practical tips on how to improve your relationship with clients. These are based on over 16 years worth of experience in web design and the many mistakes I made along the way.

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What will you learn?

By watching this hour long high quality video you will learn how to:

  • Improve the way you interact with clients during the sales process.
  • Remove the pain from design signoff.
  • Gather quality feedback from clients and other stakeholders.
  • Prevent scope creep.
  • Educate a client to make better informed decisions.
  • And much, much more! In fact 35 more things :)

Not bad for £6.25!

See for yourself

Still not convinced? Watch the first 10 minutes for free.

Is it for me?

If you are a freelancer or deal with clients from within an agency this is definitely the talk for you. However, it is also a great video for those of you working as in-house designers. You may not have clients, but you do have internal stakeholders and almost all of the advice will apply to you as well.

How does it work?

When you click the buy button you will be taken straight to paypal. Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to your video. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within 10 minutes.

Buy now! (£6.25) Still not sure? Click the comment tab below for reviews.

  • While I’m an inhouse designer (and therefore not quite the target of this seminar), there was quite a bit I was able to glean from it even in relation to the heads of my department and inter-department projects. As Paul said himself, not rocket-science, but much more giving great consideration to our clients and others with whom we regularly work. Communication, empathy, honesty, and project management are all key. Wonderful stuff, truly. Four pages of notes to review at my leisure and share with others who could learn from this as well!

  • Watched the video. It’s great! Super useful. I struggle with the usual client handling problems and I’m always looking for ways to make the process better.

    It’s nice to finally see someone take a different and more positive view of clients rather than all the usual stuff you read about clients being the problem in the relationship.

    Lots of positive ideas for dealing with clients and ultimately making you a happy web designer. Loved it.

  • Well worth watching.

    I’m a web designer with 12 years experience, who’s run 2 web agencies and I still got something out of it.

    Very sensible and entertaining as ever from Paul.

  • Worth every minute and much more than I paid. Engaging, organized and highly practical. Anyone who works with clients should watch this! We have a few more specific notes on our blog:

  • I attended the first seminar in this series and knowing what I was going to get had no problem with dropping a tenner on this one.
    For that small amount of money you get Paul’s experienced guidance of how to best work with clients rather than against them. It’s all useful stuff and Paul’s years of podcasting shows through with an easy-going chatty style.

  • I really enjoyed this seminar. Paul delivered an entertaining and advice packed couple of hours which addressed lots of the potential difficulties and issues that can arise when working with clients. We’re going to use some of the ideas from this seminar to help improve our client process. I’m looking forward to being able to download the video and PDF for future reference.

    I’d definitely attend future seminars by Paul as it was great value for money and really enjoyable hearing him share his experience.

  • I thought this seminar was extremely valuable for me as a web designer. It builds on Paul’s SXSW talk entitled “Pain Free Design Signoff” but goes more in-depth into the nuances of his techniques. Not only that, but after the talk we were able to ask questions and get answers almost immediately. Highly recommended.

  • Really enjoyed the seminar. Paul’s take on the subject is excellent and I took a huge amount of info away with me. His presentational style is cool and if you don’t sign up for the next one you must be mad… The PDF and video are an added bonus. See you next time!

  • Whilst most of the ideas that Paul outlined in his seminar were common sense, it’s easy to not think about them when you’re busy doing the everyday running of a small web design business.

    As always, Paul used his entertaining and enthusiastic style to keep me interested. I took away many practical tips that will improve the way I communicate with clients immediately. I will look forward to attending more seminars in the future.

  • Really enjoyed this, full of usable tips and techniques, as opposed to so many client management resources that are great in theory but a little wishy washy for practical use.

  • I must say, this was worth every penny and more. Really made me look at the way I communicate with clients.

    I also had several “lightbulb moments” throughout the course of the video, you know the ones, “D’oh, why didn’t I think of that!”.

    Thanks again!

  • I found this really helpful and practical. Some great advice to learn from this and I think that even the most seasoned Web professional can learn some of some new methods.

  • This really great information, great advice, and very straight forward and clear,

    please keep up the good work :)

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