Fight the System Presentation

Do you work as part of an in-house web team? Are there days when even superman would fail to overcome the politics and bureaucracy? Watch my ‘fighting the system’ presentation and learn the super powers required to push your web projects through.

Buy the presentation (£6.25)

For some time now I have been speaking at conferences about the challenges surrounding working as part of an in-house team.

Now for the first time I am making that presentation available online for you to purchase. As part of the package you will receive…

  • An hour long ‘Fight the System’ video presentation (see the trailer below).
  • A downloadable quicktime version of the presentation that you can watch offline.
  • My presentation in both keynote and Powerpoint format.
  • A PDF of the slides.

This is ideal both for those who haven’t seen the presentation at a conference and those who wish to present the talk themselves to people within their organisation.

You are more than welcome to reuse or edit the presentations in anyway you want and present it to anybody within your organisation. All I ask is that you do not resell it.

Buy the Fight the System Presentation Package for £6.25

For that price you get all of the presentation tools to give the talk yourself, and a video of me giving the presentation. Below is a trailer of the first 10 minutes to give you an idea of quality…


Fight the System Trailer


Buy the presentation (£6.25)

Once your order has been placed you will receive an email with all the information you require to access your purchase.

  • I attended the seminar and brought away some great notes from it today. It was definatly worth being there listening whole seminar and listening to the Q and A’s at the end. I will be buying this tomorrow, just like to say thank’s to Paul for putting in the time and sharing his knowledge today for free, top guy! Thanks a lot!

  • Matt

    Wow! I have experienced every bad thing in the trailer in my previous position–I wish this had been around at the time as I would have done my best to socialize it in the organization and make some positive changes!

  • No offense…but I think you have defined “scope creep” improperly. Otherwise, looks like a good presentation, and transferable to multiple departments – not just web teams.