Increase online sales on your ecommerce website

In this video presentation I show you how we increase online sales for one ecommerce website by over 10,000% in only 5 years.

Back in June I was privileged to speak at Interlink in Canada. I decided to talk about how we worked with one ecommerce website to increase online sales by 10000% over 5 years. I was worried it would sound like a sales presentation rather than an informative talk, but the feedback turned out to be very positive. I think it was because I pitched the presentation as a case study we can all learn from, rather than a “look how clever I am” kind of presentation.

The presentation tells the story of our work on Wiltshire Farm Foods with the emphasis placed firmly on what can be learnt from the experience.

Unbelievable ecommerce, recorded at Interlink Vancouver.

It goes without saying that if you are looking to increase online sales then we would love to speak to you about how we can help. If you are interested please visit our website.

Here is a description of the talk…

Many believe the secret to a successful ecommerce site is to copy Amazon. However, that rarely works. Your website is not Amazon. Instead it has a unique offering that caters to a specific audience. Once you realise that you can achieve unbelievable things. In his talk Paul explains how he took one ecommerce website from relatively successful beginnings to unbelievable heights. In only 5 years he and the team at Headscape increased sales on the site by a staggering 10,000%. What makes the story even more unbelievable is that the average customer is over 80 years old! This single example will act as a case study that guides you towards better understanding your audience and growing your online sales significantly.

  • Jon

    A great talk full of great advice

  • Nice presentation Paul, but not because of the 10,000% conversion increase, but because it’s a solid example of how web design can align business objectives and users needs. Great insights!

  • Roger

    Another awesome presentation with a real-life project.

    Paul: How long did you work on this project or is this an ongoing project?

    • Its an ongoing project that we have been working on for 5 years now.

  • I’m interested in knowing what software you made this presentation with.

    • I get asked that questions all the time Greg. I use a program called Screenflow.

    • Thank you Paul. Definitely one that’s going in my dock.

  • Bruno Belotti

    Thanks for sharing Paul, great presentation and really useful advices!

  • sam

    i appreciate the tips its realy a great step up from been stock thanks alot looking foward to more ..

  • I definitely agree that a good client, designer relationship can generate real value for an e-commerce website. Overall great work!

    Do you feel that it’s possible to educate a client to receive good results or do you have to already have a good relationship like in Matt’s case?

    • Matt Curry

      Now here’s a not well known factoid. Headscape weren’t the agency I wanted to win the tender back all those years ago. So in fact, Headscape started off in an almost negative-goodwill situation with me as the client. But, if you’re a good site manager, you work as well as you can with the chosen agency and execute the wishes of the business.

      So, a lot of it was time spent educating me, explaining design decisions, and including me in the process. Throughout the first year I gained a lot of respect for Paul, despite his Bolshevik tendencies.

      It also helps that I am awesome, obviously :-)

  • Great presentation, and great reminder that practical solutions may not be sexy, but they can be effective.

  • Jason

    Great presentation my friend! By far one of the sxsw best I attended this year, you put on quite the show!

  • Great presentation and nice work on the site. The thought processes and work your team put in on this definitely shows.

    I must say though it would be interesting to see what their website was like 5 years ago when you first started on it.

    Half a decade’s worth of work and a whole lot of new technology and better browser support means that the project was ever-evolving.

    Good tips thought. Appreciate it! Cheers.

  • Really enjoyed watching to this, interesting how the user testing in the homes helped you discover issues that you would never have experienced in a controlled environment (e.g. the post-it).

    I think the key is finding or choosing the right clients to work with and as Matt mentioned educating the client and helping them to understand that their website developments should compliment their overall business strategy.

    I think this can be more difficult however to get smaller businesses to understand this and then allocate the necessary time to go through a planning, implementation and iteration process that will add real value to their business, when they have a “let’s build another amazon” attitude.

    We always try to help clients understand that we deliver business solutions and our chosen medium is via the web and kick off communications from there, that said it can be a difficult task getting them to appreciate that they are not web experts.

  • warren

    Tiny point (and no doubt will be considered pedantic) but isn’t it multivariate testing, rather than multi-variance?

  • Benjamin Johnston

    Hey Paul, I’d love to watch this, but there seems to be a problem with the video’s embedding permissions.

    • Identity

      Hi Benjamin,

      Found the video :


      • Benjamin Johnston

        Awesome, thanks! I probably could have searched a little harder… :)

    • So there does. I have emailed the person who owns the account and hopefully they will reset it.

  • I love your style ^^ w/ great content, cheer!!

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