Stop obsessing over native mobile apps

Paul Boag

What is your mobile strategy? Do you really need a native mobile app? In this presentation I talk you through your options.

Stop obsessing over native mobile apps: you don’t need one. How’s that for a controversial sweeping statement to grab your attention? Although almost certainly the perfect definition of link bait, it also happens to be true for the majority of organisations.

That is the message I have been presenting to the Internet Retailing Expo today. It is a message I first posted on their blog back in November last year and it is just as relevant today.

The talk I have just given at IRX outlines why a native app might not be right for your business and the rare situations it is. The presentation goes on to talk about the alternatives including an introduction to responsive design.

Piggy Bank Icon, Banking Icons, and the Extraterrestrial all provided by the lovely people at Shutterstock

If you have questions about what your mobile strategy should be, then I highly recommend watching this presentation. If after watching it you have any questions, post them in the comments below or email me.