No Money, No Matter

As we begin to feel the fallout of the econmic crisis and some organisations cut funding for their websites, how can we be more effective in the way we work.

Once again I spoke at IWMW this year and as the whole conference was on ‘The Web in Turbulent Times’ I thought I would address how to achieve more on our websites with less money.

Originally this talk was going to be based on my post ‘5 Options When Website Budgets Get Slashed‘. However, as I prepared the focus shifted to something more upbeat.

As I prepared I honestly became excited about the possibilities of having less money to spend gave! It provided a valuable opportunity to slim down bloated websites, to start thinking strategically and to engage with web design agencies in a new way.

Anyway I hope you enjoy…

Update: Apologises for the poor audio 4 minutes in. It only lasts a couple of minutes.

Watch the actual presentation at IWMW

Thanks to Shutterstock who provided the vast majority of images in this presentation.

This presentation is heavily influenced by the following posts. If you cannot view the video then I suggest you read these.

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  • Sebastian green

    Very good points raised. I kind of fell it touches on the design by committee issue. Big organizations have lots of people that want to get their bit on the site, regardless of if the users want it or not.

    I’m definatley going to implament your policy idea. If a page dosnt meet a viewing threshold each month it shoul be reviewed, re-written or removed.

    Miss the podcast but still enjoying your other ccontent.

  • Absolutely bloody loved this presentation Paul, some real gems in there, especially the proposed content policies, really interesting.

  • That is a very good presentation Paul. I listened to your pre-IWMW version. I especially like the organization policies bit. I think that is a good way to “end” conflicts within an organisation, not just on what content to be removed but on things/conflicts in general. Great talk.

  • Very entertaining and informative! I’ve worked for a number of large public organizations but at an entry level. I wish I could convince those in charge to watch your presentation and take your advice. Thanks!

  • it really doesn’t matter if you have a loss of money because there are still many ways to do to survive.