Running a successful web design business

Running a web design business can be an isolating and challenging role. I therefore run a workshop to give a chance for business owners to come together and discuss these challenges.

For sometime now I have been running a full day workshop called “Running a successful web design business”. It is a workshop that ties in closely with my book “Client Centric Web Design,” but is obviously much more interactive. I love running the workshop because I always learn as much as I share with the attendees.

Previously I have avoided sharing my slides from this workshop. This is partly because slides don’t really capture the essence of the day and partly because my previous slides were so vague that they were meaningless.

However, I have recently reworked the slide set and feel they are now worth sharing. I hope you find them useful.

If looking through the slides sparks any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments.

  • Hey Paul, thanks for sharing these with us. I saw your first talk at FI Live in vegas and it left me wanting more!

    With risk of being a spelltroll, on slide 30 should “Be nibble” should be “Be nimble”?

    Thanks again for sharing. I like the way you are bringing back some common sense and putting the “business” back into web business!


  • #49: typo: “Monneypenny”

  • This looks great Paul! Any chance you might travel west to Cardiff in the not too distant future to do this workshop again?

  • thanks, Paul! the workshop was brilliant, and so was your talk.

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