Your design sucks

Too often as web designers we become frustrated with our clients because they dislike our designs. However, perhaps the problem lies in our presentation skills, not with the clients or designs.

I found this old presentation I gave a while back. Despite searching my blog I cannot find it posted anywhere. I therefore decided to rectify the situation!

The video has a very subtle plug for Get Signoff. You might want to check it out. Its come a long way since this was recorded.

  • Very excellent presentation.

    Just personifies the point that Web Designers (like all consultancy roles really) need to be effective project managers aswell as designers. I am PRINCE2 trained and it helped me tremendously with clients as it changed my mindset towards projects. By giving me the tools to put things straight and unambiguously. It also shows the client that you are serious about projects and that the project is within a rigid project machine with moving parts and isn’t a creative playground of design egos and pleasant colourful distraction from their work.

    As Pauls puts it, its up to us as designers to control the clients expectations from the beginning (contolling the clients role).

    Personally for me, getting to know the clients business (types of users, competitors) is extremely important then using ‘design affordance’ in your designs (make the client pick the things that you want them to pick). You know I maybe shot for saying this but I personally feel it is important that you don’t give the client too much interaction (mood boards, wireframing). Of course these tools are very useful with larger sites but I think the core of the problem is that we over complicate the process and take our time and the clients money (or maybe thats the point?). As Paul puts it, the clients role is to provide a more business feedback rather than design. Anyway, since I completely simplified the process (Feasability Report -> Design Proofs -> Design Signoff -> Development -> Development Signoff).

    It has worked for me so far…

    Probably one of Pauls most important podcasts for me is ‘Are clients stupid’ which I emplor anyone to listen to. Taught me that I am getting paid to listen to the client as well as design.

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