The plight of the in-house web team

Paul Boag

One of the hardest jobs in the web industry is working as part of an in-house team. Yet they get little support.

I work alongside a lot of in-house teams and I am appalled at the treatment many endure.

I am not talking about in-house teams at tech startups. Life there is all flexible working and company perks.

I am talking about the in-house teams in pre-digital organisations. Organisations that don’t ‘get digital‘. That see it as a bolt on to their existing business structure.

Teams that are seen as an extension of I.T. or as digital pixel pushers for the marketing department.

These organisations have years of processes, procedures, bureaucracy, politics and culture. Characteristics that are at odds with effective digital strategy.

It is not unusual to encounter in-house professionals who have given up. That or who have succumbed to stress in their struggle to get things done.

Not only is this harmful to the well being of those teams, it also damages their organisations. They miss out of the wealth of expertise these teams have. As a result they end up floundering around in an attempt to find their digital direction.

It is a problem that frustrates me. I am convinced that organisations can be transformed by an empowered digital team. Yet at the end of the day I am just an outsider with little influence except in companies where I am invited to consult.

What I can do is write about this subject. I can provide material that internal teams can reference. To make that easier I have brought together all such material onto a single resources page.

I have also created an hour long presentation, giving advice to in-house teams. Advice about how to deal with internal politics, become seen as the expert and get the approval you need.

If all this sounds depressingly familiar then I encourage you to check out my presentation below.

Get the presentation ($20)

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