Improve Your Conversion Rate: Attend My London Workshop

Paul Boag

Join me on Tuesday 10th September in London to learn the latest techniques for improving the conversion rate of your website, all while avoiding alienating your users.

Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is placing an order, making a donation or signing up to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users? After all, we now live in a world where one disgruntled customer can destroy a brand.

Unhappy customers can destroy our reputation. That means we cannot afford to manipulate them into buying. We need to find other ways to improve conversion.
Unhappy customers can destroy our reputation. That means we cannot afford to manipulate them into buying. We need to find other ways to improve conversion.

London, on Tuesday 10th September

In my one-day workshop happening in London on Tuesday 10th September, we will answer this question as we explore the secrets of persuasive websites.

Can’t make it to London? No worries, I could run the workshop at your organisation, just drop me an email. Alternatively, you might want to consider enrolling on my online masterclass which covers some of the same content.

Ideal for designers, marketers, entrepreneurs and product owners.

Whether you are a product owner, marketer, designer or entrepreneur, you will find this masterclass invaluable in learning how to improve your conversion rate, and the long term loyalty of your customers.

But be warned. If you are looking for quick wins or manipulative techniques, this isn’t the workshop for you. This course is for those seeking to build a sustainable business model that values its customers.

Alex Summer, John Greed Jewellery

I’ve never taken home so much knowledge from a one day course before. Paul was an excellent trainer, full of knowledge and keen to learn about my business so as to make the session as useful as possible. Highly recommended. Alex Summer, John Greed Jewellery

Combining Theory and Practice

The masterclass will teach you the best persuasive techniques. We will then apply these together to your websites through group exercises and discussion.

Be ready to share your sites and embrace some constructive criticism. But, don’t worry, I will be sure to put my site under the microscope too.

In the masterclass there will be opportunity to look at your sites and discuss what works and what does not.

What You Will Learn

Over our day together you will learn how to:

  • An introduction to encouraging action.
  • Ensure you measure the right metrics.
  • Boost conversion with quality traffic.
  • Discover how the brain works.
  • Design around how users make decisions.
  • Learn methods for getting to know your audience.
  • Ensure users never get forgotten.
  • Discover and solve users problems.
  • Solve the problem of cognitive load.
  • Introduce simplicity to your site.
  • Utilise mental models to your advantage.
  • Avoid choice paralysis.
  • Make things feel easier.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of persuasion.
  • Position your offering in a positive light.
  • Show appreciation to create passionate users.
  • Reduce the risk for your users.
  • Use social proof to reassure users.
  • Gain your user’s trust.
  • Create a sense of belonging by using a community.
  • Encourage action by picking the right moment.
  • Ensure users never miss your call to action.
  • Learn to write compelling calls to action.
  • Close deals with your post-click experience.
  • Understand the need for continual optimisation.
  • Optimise your site over time.
  • Introduce testing to your working process.
  • Run your first usability test session.
  • Introduce A/B testing to your site.

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Limited to 12 Hand Picked Attendees

I am keen this masterclass is as useful as possible for all attendees. That is why I am limiting the workshop to only 12 people who I will hand pick personally to ensure the right mix.

If you would like me to consider you for one of the 12 places, complete the form below and we will be in touch.

The workshop is £595+VAT for the day and includes lunch for all attendees. Chosen attendees will be asked to pay in advance to secure their place.

Gerry McGovern, Author of Transform

Paul is one of the smartest, most passionate, most generous people I know in the web / online industry. He is truly committed to helping organizations become simpler and more customer-centric. Gerry McGovern, Author of Transform

If you have any questions about the masterclass or whether it is suitable for you, please feel free to drop me an email. I am happy to help.

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