Redesigning the country selector

Paul Boag

I hate country selectors. They are a usability nightmare.

Not only are they really hard to use (especially if you have motor skill problems), they are also particularly annoying if you live in the United Kingdom.

When trying to use a country selector if you are a UK resident you are forced to guess what the particular website has decided to call your country. There are at least four options…

  • United Kingdom
  • Great Britain
  • Britain
  • England

You find yourself navigating up and down the drop-down menu looking for the right option. Admittedly you could try typing in the result you are seeking. However, typing the word “United” is just as likely to return United States of America or the United Arab Emirates.

This common form tool is in desperate need of dragging into the 21st-century. Fortunately Christian Holst has done exactly that in a brilliant article on Smashing Magazine. Read it and never design a bad country selector again.