You say you want a revolution?

Paul Boag

Great work is only possible in the right environment. But many of us don’t work in a place like that. How can we change our workplace? That is the question I answer in this talk at Awwwards London.

I was recently invited to speak at Awwwards London. This two day event was stuffed with inspiration and amazing examples of outstanding work. But work like this is only possible in the right environment. A workplace that embraces the importance of design, digital and user experience.

Unfortunately many of us don’t work in places like that. But we can change that. This was the theme of my talk. A talk based on my book User Experience Revolution.

You have seen the talk, now buy the book

User Experience Revolution Book Cover

Do you want to see your organisation become more user centric? Would you like to see change but cannot make it happen? Then User Experience Revolution is for you. A practical playbook to place the user experience at the heart of your business.

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