Social Media is a user experience issue

Integrating social media with our website should be more than just slapping some social media icons on the homepage.

A while back I wrote a post asking whether your website played nice with social media. It turned out to be hugely popular and led to me speaking on the subject at this years Future Insights in Vegas.

What follows is a run through of that presentation where I expand on the points I made in my original post. I hope it inspires you to introduce better integration between your website and social media channels.

  • This was brilliant and very timely as we’ve been reviewing our use of social media follow and share buttons on our site. One the best examples I saw recently which we want to do was on a white paper download. When the thank you page came up it said your white paper is on its way to your inbox and while you wait would you like to share it with your friends or something like that. Some websites had share buttons on the white paper sign up page but we concluded it was distracting as we want them totally focused on signing up for the white paper. Our boss kaboshed my desire to have follow us buttons on the header of every page and I am kind of happy he did, now they are on the home page where we offer other free content.  It currently says Follow us but I am thinking we might change that to Follow us for UX (we are a UX company). Anyway great stuff.

  • Hi Paul! Thank you so much for posting those fresh ideas. I am just starting a new job as a user experience designer which I am really thrilled about. My first big project is to expand the possibilities of our middle-size business static web site by the means of making it dynamic as well as using the social media tools. I’ve taken great notes about the matter, so thank you again, and here are some thoughts and feelings that I would like to share. In the section about Twitter and Don’t Cry Wolf, the “Why” sharing/following and “How” sharing/following are, to me, related to the needs of the people visiting the website. Depending on the context and the characteristic persona, a person woudln’t need, for example, the same encouragement of challenge as a person within a totally different situation. People do have those needs, and to fulfill in a gracefull and meaningfull way is simply brilliant. Your example of the computer and the support proposed by Twitter after the purchase made me giggle :P

  • Kaberle

    “If you are of a week disposition look away now!” Don’t you mean “weak?” Sorry couldn’t help myself. Great post and great ideas. I keep pushing the point here at our college and now they are teaching classes on Social Media Marketing and the like. Great work!!

  • Superb. Clarity through the mayhem; focus through the scattergun; sense through the madness. As usual Paul you cut to the chase and make what we all struggle with look so obvious.

  • Social media is great source of traffic.Thank you very much.

  • I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.