Usability testing in action

A lot of people think that running a usability session is difficult… its not. This recording of a usability test session proves otherwise.

Steve Krug is one of the world’s leading experts in usability. However, far from continually demonstrating his expertise he strives to make usability testing easier for anybody to do.

He believes that every web project should include user testing and makes the process so simple that there is no reason not to test. The video below demonstrates just how easy it is to run a usability test session.

If you are a website owner or web design who does not regularly test your websites, this is a much watch.

Buy “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” the book that accompanies this video

Read my interview with Steve Krug

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  • Great work, I admire to effort.

  • funny thing I just started to read “Don’t make me think” 2 days ago, big chanches to fisnish it in this evening. And bang this article about Web Usability!

    I already red the interview with Steve Krug which helps me to see the human nature of a web guru. Big thanks for both articles and not only! :)

  • Fred

    A really interesting video, but on the topic of usability, I pressed the ‘rewind’ button (to revisit a section I missed) and it took me back to the very beginning with no means to skip back to the stage I was at in the video.

  • Same problem here as Fred, I had to refresh the page for audio sync issues and could not skip back to where I was (9 minutes in) so I gave up. Very interesting but not worth spending the time again. This lack of basic functionality surprised me for being used to demonstrate discussion on good usability.