What are your users saying behind your back?

Paul Boag

We may know user experience is important in theory. But until you hear and see people’s frustration you don’t fully appreciate it.

Every organisation claims to put customers at the heart of what they do. They say they want to provide an outstanding experience. But often this is little more than lip service.

When a desire to provide a great user experience clashes with cost savings it is user experience that loses.

This is because most senior management teams are not confronted with the reality of disgruntled users. They see the savings and fail to appreciate the cost associated with damaging the user experience.

To give you a sense of just how frustrating a bad user experience is I recorded a conversation I had with my parents over lunch on Sunday. I don’t make a habit of recording my lunchtime chats. But this particular discussion demonstrates the pain that user experience can cause.

This particular discussion revolves around booking tickets with British Airways. But the chances are your users are having similar conversations too.