A short break

Paul Boag

Due to an overwhelming workload, we are going to be forced to take a short break from boagworld. Please don’t forget us!

Every year it’s the same, with the end of the financial year looming all our clients want to get their new website in this year’s financial budget. The result is that everybody at Headscape are running around like headless chickens (hmm… that doesn’t sound very professional, lets go for "very organised but overworked chickens" instead).

Unfortunately, this means that boagworld is going to have to take a backseat for a few weeks while we break the back of the work to be done. However, I do promise to start podcasting and blogging again soon. This is only a temporary glitch.

So sit back, subscribe to our RSS feeds or email notifications and we will be sure to let you know when things start rolling again.

A parting gift

As a parting gift, we have tried to improve the audio on the last couple of podcasts. Several people have commented than they are even worse than our normal quality! Unfortunately this tweaking has made the music at the beginning a bit intrusive however, it’s still significantly better than before.