Contributing to the web

For me the web has always been about contributing rather than consuming.

Don’t get me wrong I learn a huge amount from the web everyday. However, the web was always meant to be a medium you contribute to, unlike reading a book or watching TV.

For me contribution is in the form of writing blog posts, recording podcasts and giving presentations. For others it is participating in open source projects or sharing code and designs.

However, there are many who don’t contribute at all. This is not because they are bad or lazy people. It is because they either think they have nothing to contribute or because they fear getting it wrong.

If that is you then I would encourage you to read a post on Smashing Magazine about moving the web forward. One paragraph in particular says it all:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (because that’s how we all improve). It’s absolutely okay for you to not be a complete expert or authority on a topic. Share what you do know because it has the potential to help many other developers and designers out there.

Don’t rely on others to contribute. Share what you know, for somebody that might be exactly what they need to hear. No matter what your skill level, you have something to contribute.


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