Death by keyboard

Paul Boag

Everybody has their perfect partner, or so they say. Well, I believe we all have our perfect keyboard too. I have had my keyboard nearly four years now and hate using any other. What I did not know is that secretly it has been trying to kill me!

I am on holiday at the moment but being the sad geek I am, I have been unable to keep away from the PC entirely. Therefore, it was while answering some work related emails that I noticed one of the keys on my keyboard had started to stick. Fearing my old faithful keyboard might be on its last legs, I thought some emergency surgery was required. I therefore popped the offending key hoping that I would be able to diagnose the root of the problem.

What I discovered was more terrorizing than I could have possible imagined. A combination of rotting food, split drinks, shed hair and skin particles lined ever inch beneath the key. My horror increased as I started to remove other keys only to find that the whole of my keyboard was worthy of an episode of "How clean is your house".


It came as a horrifying shock to discover that the keyboard I have loved so dearly was secretly collecting these evils in an attempt to strike me down with some horrendous disease.

Admittedly, this has nothing to do with web design, the topic of this blog. However, I would advise all my avid readers (both of you) to look under your keys and see if you to are being slowly killed by the geeks best friend.