We Don’t Need to Put a Dent in the Whole Universe

Paul Boag

In this video, I share my belief that we don’t need to change the world and suggest a way we could together change one small corner of it instead.

Steve Jobs famously talked about putting a dent in the universe. It has since become a mantra of sorts within the digital field. Every young digital professional wants to change the world.

I was recently on a panel discussing how design can change the world and indeed it can. However, that is not the experience of most designers or, most digital professionals.

Most of us work in relatively benign, unassuming jobs. We help businesses succeed or at best solve first world problems such as making a website slightly less annoying!

So where does that leave us? Can we make a difference? Can we provide social good? In this video, I share how I approach the issue and offer you an opportunity to work with me if you are interested.

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