Does web design need accreditation?

Paul Boag

As part of our upcoming podcast series on debate topics, we ask whether web design needs an accreditation body?

Yes I know I am not supposed to be blogging, but I wanted to put a few more debate topics out there ready for the next season of the podcast.

This topic has been kicking around for years and many of those new to the sector are amazed something like this doesn’t already exist. The topic is…

This house proposes that the web design sector should have a professional standards body, and that web designers should have the option of becoming accredited.

So what do you think? Do we need an accreditation body? Should web designers be accredited? Is it even feasible? What would a web designer have to do to be accredited? Who would set the standards? If we continue without accreditation does it open the door for even more unethical behaviour? Let us know in the comments.

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