Are you a Drupal ninja (I hope not)

Are you a Drupal Ninja? If so, then stop reading this, because you are make believe. Programmers are not ninja, rockstars or any other stupid metaphor. Why do job ads always insist on using such ridiculous terms? It doesn’t make them look cool. It just makes them look ignorant.

Anyway, I digress.

If you are a Drupal expert/coder/professional/programmer (but definitely not a ninja) and fancy a new challenge, then Headscape is currently recruiting.

For more info, check out our job advert

P.S. While I am at it, designers are not artists either.

  • My theory is it’s the perception of Drupal as a product which one person can master as opposed to a very large community of people, none of whom know everything. Just as no-one builds a car from scratch much these days, from raw materials etc. And that no-one knows how to make a pencil, etc.

    No ninja skills required, just the ability to communicate with others, and nicely!

  • P.S. While I am at it, designers are not artists either.” Amen :)

    • Hmmm, now that is debatable!

      • chriscowleysound

        They may be artists as well, but design and art are different. Art exists for itself; design at its most basic is in order to sell something else.

        You can be both, but not at the same time. They are 2 different worlds seperated by a common toolset.

  • Designers are not artist, pssh. Visual Artist? define and distinguish please. What about an artist who also designs? seems like a limited view of what art is and what design can be…

  • Peter Cooke

    I’m glad someone finally said it! It seems mainly associated with Javascript jobs, maybe its because its used a lot for UI stuff like animations etc it seems impressive. Why can’t I be an SQL ninja??

  • I absolutely dislike those terms as well. I get what they’re saying, but it makes the employers look unprofessional.

  • Dale McGladdery

    I don’t know the definitive origin of the term within the Drupal community, but I suspect it’s connected to the “Ask a Ninja” website, which was implemented in Drupal: It was in the community consciousnesses.

    I don’t perceive it as right or wrong, more of a way of communicating values/culture.

  • I’m just a ninja, if you need one let me know QK

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