Freelancing around the country

Some people have such imaginative ideas. I never understand why people complain about not being able to get enough exposure for their blog. All you have to do is something different or original!

This guy has come up with a great idea. Spend one day a week working for free at different agencies around the country and blogging on his experience. Its genius!

What is so clever is that everybody wins:

  • He provides interesting posts for his readers.
  • The agency gets somebody to work for free.
  • He increases his online exposure and hopefully impresses a few agencies along the way.

We will certainly have him join us for a day at Headscape.

Check out his site at Beautiful site too!

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  • Yep, it’s win-win-win. Except for working for free for a year. Quite an expensive marketing exercise.
    That’s not to say there won’t be benefits for him, but I gotta wonder about the ROI/cost effectiveness.

    • Anonymous

      He is not working free for a year. Just one day a week. That is 52 days (potentially) with 52 different agencies. Ignoring the online benefits (from brand exposure) that is potentially 52 contacts for future work. I think that will quickly pay off.

      • My mistake. I read elsewhere that he was working at a different agency every day for a year. One a week makes a lot more sense.

  • That’s what makes a difference, the idea.

    As Paul said, great opportunity down the road.

  • Great idea, I would love to try doing it in my country :)