Headscape web of shame

Paul Boag

Every web design company has its secrets and Headscape is no exception.

At Headscape we pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of work. However many of team members have embarrassing secrets best left hidden. However, that is not in my nature so here they are for all to see…

  • Marcus Lillington built his bands website in Dreamweaver. Don’t expect it to validate (or work).
  • Pete Boston is now one of our project managers but in the dot com boom he used to slice tables with the best of us.
  • Craig Rowe maybe an excellent developer but his site is hosted at his mates house. Think yourself lucky if it is online when you access it.
  • Dave McDermid has the talent to build GetSignOff but never finished his own website.
  • Mez Hopking lets the side down with his occasional drunken photo.
  • Rob Borley (a project manager) is so busy running his takeout website that he hardly has time for clients anymore.
  • Ed Merritt saves all his best design work for his freelance career.