How to start your web design business

Paul Boag

You have made the decision to work for yourself. But what do you need to do at the beginning to get setup? Share your experiences, questions and advice in the comments below.

Later today myself, Marcus Lillington and Andy Clarke will record the first episode of season 12 of the Boagworld Show. In this first episode we look at building your web design career. But in episode 2 we focus in on the main topic – building your own web design business.

Episode 2 will look at the subject of setting up your business. What do you do in those first few weeks? Where should you focus your efforts? After all you only have so many hours in the day!

This is pertinent to me as I have just gone through this process. But Headscape alumni Chris Sanderson will also be joining us as he has just done a similar thing.

So what do you want to know on this topic? Or if you have done it yourself, what advice do you have. Share your fears, questions, experiences and advice in the comments below.