Want a job in web design? Become your own boss

Paul Boag

If you want a job in web design there are two options. First, get a job working for somebody else. Second, set up on your own. But which is better?

When looking at your career options as a web designer the idea of being your own boss can seem appealing. When you look at how much web designers can be charged at it is easy to think that setting up on your own will be far more lucrative. Combined with the ability to set your own hours and not be dictated to by anybody else, the independent life can prove a massive temptation.

Unfortunately the reality doesn’t always live up to the fantasy. It is easy to swap one irritating boss for many difficult clients, end up working longer hours, and struggle to bring in enough business to pay your salary.

Being a successful independent web designer is about a lot more than being able to write great code or produce stunning design. You also need an understanding of business, marketing, sales and a range of other skills.

It is therefore great to see companies like Treehouse teaching business skills alongside more traditional web design skills.

Treehouse prepares you for a job in web design

Recently I joined Treehouse in the states to record a series of lessons about how to run a successful web design business. While out there I had a lot of fun, but was also able to provide some useful information to Treehouse subscribers about the business side of being an independent web designer.

Although you need to be a Treehouse subscriber to access my videos, I did also write a post for the treehouse blog which is freely available.

The videos that I produced were also based on a full day workshop and the slides can be found online.

If you are struggling in your own web design business or want some advice before going independent, then I recommend reading my post on Treehouse or checking out the slides from my workshop.

Read my post on Treehouse or view the workshop slides.

That said, I do strongly recommend subscribing to Treehouse if you have not already. They have superb content for anybody wanting to learn how to become a web designer. Far better value for money than going to University!